Below are the steps to delete the booking of a class via the E-Commerce profile:

  1. click on Booking and then on Agenda
  2. click on DELETE next to the class 
  3. click on YES to confirm 

If the system doesn't allow the cancellation of the booking, it means that the deadline has expired and the booking can no longer be deleted (according to the configuration of SPORTRICK's settings).

Therefore if one credit was deducted from the customer's multipack at the moment of the booking, that credit will be refunded provided that the customer deletes the booking within the deadline. Conversely, that credit will be lost.

Warning: if the user has paid for the booking (i.e. no multipack involved), the system won't proceed with the automatic refund in case of cancellation. The reception can however:

  • change the booking slot
  • proceed with a refund
  • issue a coupon