Sportrick offers the possibility to book a class without having to enrol on the full course or purchase a multipack. 

The class can be booked with or without additional cost. 

This option can be useful for seminaries, special classes or trial classes.

The steps to set up this option are listed below:

1) CREATE THE CORRESPONDING ACTIVITY (click here for more details) and enable the following:

  • Settings -> Activity -> Edit -> More -> Free Booking
  • in case the activity can be booked via E-Commerce, the corresponding option has to be enabled from Settings -> Activity -> Edit -> E-Commerce ->  Also available online  

2) plan the course/class -> how to plan a course

3) create a price list for the course (mandatory step for the sale of the individual class)

4) once the price list has been created, click on Detail to enable the sale of the individual class

  1. enable 
  2. once enabled, it will be possible to specify the sale price of the single class (in case of a free trial, the price can be 0)

  3. the class can also be available for sale (and therefore booking) on the E-Commerce.

After the planning has been completed, the class can be booked from the Calendar or from the E-Commerce:


  1. double click on the slot corresponding to the class 
  2. type the name of the person in the Add Attendee field and click on Add. 


  1. click on Booking -> Free Booking 
  2. select the activity 
  3. select the class
  4. confirm the booking