In order to use a cash register for the automatic printing of receipts, it is necessary to configure it according to the instructions of this manual.

Configuration procedures vary according to the cash register and the connection (ethernet or serial).


In order to correctly print from the cash register, it is necessary to install Utilities (software). Please contact to request the Utilities.

Configuration of a Cash Register

To add a cash register click on Settings -> Cash Registers -> Add.

For each cash register you will need to specify:

  • name: name to identify the cash register
  • type:
  1. Custom via Ethernet
  2. Custom via Serial
  3. Epson via File
  4. RTS via File
  5. Zucchetti

If you can't find it on the list or you don't know which to choose, please contact your supplier or send an email to

  • default departmentVAT department of the cash register 

Connection Settings

These settings have to be set carefully as they might prevent the device from working properly.

According to the type selected, you will have to specify: 

  • Custom via Ethernet:
    • IP Address: IP address of the device
    • compatibility Mode: tick the box to check the connection and click on Test Connection
  • Custom via Serial:
    • port Name
    • baud Rate

    • compatibility mode
  • Epson via file:
    • tax template
    • non-fiscal template
    • sxtension
      • .XML
      • .TXT
    • Route
    • Name
    • Check
  • RTS via File
    • port name
    • tax template
    • route
    • password
  • Zucchetti:
    • model:
      • XON/XOFF
      • CUSTOM KR
      • CUSTOM SR
      • EPSON FP
      • RCH PRINT! F
      • 3i Fast Easy
      • DITRON (Driver WinERCom):
      • Axon FP
    • connection:
      • serial
      • ethernet
      • file
      • ethernet (UDP)
    • RT
    • IP Address (IP address of the cash register in case of ethernet connection)
    • socket
    • port name
    • baud rate
    • databits
    • stopbits
    • parity
    • handshake
    • driver path
    • ticket path