It is possible to define an interval for the deduction of credit for access. During this interval, the customer can access and exit the facility without incurring into further credit deduction.(example: 30 minutes -> the customer will be allowed to access and exit the facility several times with no further credit deductions. After 30 minutes, a further credit deduction will take place in case of access, and so on).
When is this option useful?

  • in case clients have to leave a specific area through a turnstile in order to go to fetch something left in the lockers or outside in the car
  • in case of more than one access point, for example on two different floors. In this instance, the system will have to record a single access when the customer walks through the first turnstile on one floor and gets to the second turnstile on the other floor.

To configure the time interval click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Detail -> More. Please don't forget to save!