List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. configuration
  3. how to create a QR code from the E-Commerce

1. Introduction

Online purchases can incur into an access control problem: it is impractical to provide cards for access to each new customer when it comes to daily passes. 

This is why SPORTRICK offers the possibility to create and download a QR code on the customer's smartphone that they can use for access.

QR codes have a temporary validity and are easy to use: customers will just have to scan the code on their smartphone in front of the reader. If the code is linked with a valid pass, they will be granted access.

It comes without saying that a suitable reader is necessary for QR-code scanning.

You can check out our online store for models and prices:

2. Configuration

QR-code activation must be carried out in the VAR portal (please write to if you don't have access credentials to the portal).

From Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Ecommerce -> Shared you have to select YES to enable QR-code creation.

Then click on Configurations -> Settings -> and type the code: "10166" in the "Search" field. Then click on "Modify" and:

  1. untick "Use default value" 
  2. delete "sportrick-" in the value box
  3. click on "OK".

3. How to create a QR code from the E-Commerce

QR codes for access have to be downloaded from the E-Commerce portal. The button for QR-code generation is only visible on the screen of a smartphone.

However, it is possible to simulate the smartphone screen on a pc by following the steps listed below:

  1. click on the three dots on the right-hand side of your browser (under the "x" to close the webpage), then click on More Tools -> Tools for Developers
  2. click on the phone icon to view the E-Commerce in a smartphone-screen version and then click on QR Code to generate it.

Customers can generate a QR code for access by clicking on the menu icon next to the user's picture. 

Then they have to click on QRCODE 

The system will display the QR code on the smartphone's screen. 

The arrow can be clicked on to go back to the Home Page of the E-Commerce.

The system saves a list of all the barcodes that have been generated for each user in their SPORTRICK's profile under the section Info -> Card.