Through the E-Commerce portal, new customers can fill in the required fields for self registration. 

What is the website for self registration?

The web address is:

The client will then have to click on SUBSCRIBE NOW

Configuration of the self-registration portal

To activate and configure the self-registration portal it is necessary to access the VAR portal. 

Click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Web Registration.

In the table below you can find all the available options with a handy description

Configuration Option


Enable Web Registration

Enable/Disable self registration.

If this option isn't enabled, customers will only have access to the portal for registered users, without the possibility to fill in the fields required for web registration.

Customize Required Fields

Fields that new customers have to fill in with their personal details (in addition to name, surname and email, which are mandatory fields and required by default). It is also possible to include additional fields that have been configured in Sportrick's Settings.
If a field is “Mandatory”, it will necessarily have to be filled in to complete the registration.

Conditions Acceptance Declaration

Brief description of the terms and conditions that users will have to accept to proceed with the registration. This text will be followed by the corresponding check box. 

Customize Agreement Checkboxes

Check boxes that users will have to tick to agree with the terms and conditions.

  • Description: text next to the checkbox. It is also possible to insert an external link. In this case, please type a text between braces to let the user know what the link is for 

  • Agreement is required: it defines whether the user must tick the checkboxes to proceed with the registration.

  • Save agreement into: once the user's profile has been created on Sportrick, it will be possible to find the expressed agreement in the specified field of the user's profile.

  • External Content (URL): url linked with the placeholder in the description.

Customize Attachments

Attachments* that the user can upload (e.g.: signed contracts). 

  • Name: name of the attachment.

  • Description: text next to the field for the upload.

  • Provider: service used to save the file (One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive). Please note that this integration is necessary in order to store sensitive documents on the cloud provider. The document can be viewed from the dedicated section in the user's profile. To acquire the desired integration, please contact your Sportrick consultant.

  • Mandatory: it specified whether the attachment is mandatory for the registration.

  • Tag: tag that can be assigned to the attached file (e.g.: SignedContract)

* once the registration has been confirmed, these documents will be available in the Cloud-Document section of the user profile in SPORTRICK. 

Allow User to upload his Photo

User will be allowed to upload a profile picture. Once the registration has been confirmed, this picture will appear on the user profile in SPORTRICK. 

Restrict Email Domains

Useful only to limit the registration to specific domains (for example to accept registrations only if users have a specific corporate email, in case the fitness club is only for a firm's employees).

Registration Mode

Management of registrations:

  • Free: registrations are free. Once users have completed their registration, they will immediately receive an email with the link for the creation of their E-Commerce account. 

  • WithApproval: the registration must be approved first (from Reports -> Back Office -> Online Registrations). If the registration has been approved, the customers will receive the email with the link for the creation of their E-Commerce account. 

Registration Confirmation Message

Text that will be shown at the end of the registration procedure. It might be useful to provide further info to the user.


Email Addresses for Notifications

Email addresses that will receive a notification in case of new web registrations.

  • Email address specified: the specified email addresses will receive a notification in case of a new web registration (message template: Online Registration - Internal). 

  • No email address specified: the system won't send any notification via email in case of a new web registration. If registrations require approval, the club will have to monitor the dedicated section from Reports -> Back Office -> Online Registrations.

Additonal Mandatory Configurations

    It is necessary to specify a sender for emails (access the VAR portal, click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings, insert in the search field the number 10016 to edit the following option: "Default sender for EMail text messages" by clicking on Modify. You can insert the email address in the VALUE field after unticking the "Use Default Value" box).

    In SPORTRICK, from Settings -> Notification Templates, it is necessary to configure the template of the messages that the system will send to inform about new web registrations. The following tags: NAME, SURNAME, EMAIL, ACTIVATIONURL, REGISTRATIONDATE and BRANCHNAME can be useful to be automatically replaced with customised information according to the recipient, as shown in the examples below:

Online Registration - Customer: message that will be sent to the customer after they have completed their web registration. IMPORTANT: do not leave the SUBJECT field empty!

Online Registration - Internal: message that will be sent to the club (to the address specified for "Email addresses for notifications" on the VAR portal, see last entry in the above table) to notify a new web registration. IMPORTANT: do not leave the SUBJECT field empty!

Please check in the spam folder in case you don't see it in the inbox of the email address provided.

Management of New Registrations

To view web registrations click on Reports -> Back Office -> Online Registrations. 

The list shows new registrations and authorized registrations. 

Once new clients have created their own access credentials and have logged into the E-Commerce for the first time, the system will create the corresponding user profile in Sportrick and their registration request will disappear from the list. 

The Detail button opens up a new window with the details provided by the user during the online registration.  

According to the status of the registration, there are three possible outcomes:

Registration Status
the two main steps of the registration process have been completed:
  • account creation for E-Commerce first login; 
  • user-profile creation in Sportrick. 

Activated registraions will not be visible on the management page of Online-Registrations in Sportrick

WithApproval & Free
new registration requests have to be approved or rejected
new registration requests are automatically authorized and the customer receives an email with the instructions for the creation of their personalised credentials for the E-Commerce.