List of topics

  1. introduction;
  2. requirements


1. Introduction

From the E-Commerce users can manage their absences and book catch-up classes to make up for absences


2. Requirements

It is necessary to configure SPORTRICK as follows to allow customers to book catch-up classes: 

  • catch-up types must be planned and assigned to courses (please see the  manual about catch-up classes)
  • the activity has to be enabled for E-Commerce bookings



The last step is to configure the absence-management and the booking of catch-up classes via the E-Commerce from the VAR portal. 

After logging in, click on  Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Booking -> 

  • Manage catch-up -> select Override and then Yes
  • Manage absences  -> select Override and then Yes 

Then save.