List of topics

  1. introduction;
  2. requirements


1. Introduction

From the E-Commerce users can manage their absences and book catch-up classes to make up for absences


2. Requirements

It is necessary to configure SPORTRICK as follows to allow customers to book catch-up classes: 

  • catch-up types must be planned and assigned to courses (please see the  manual about catch-up classes)
  • the activity has to be enabled for E-Commerce bookings



The last step is to configure the absence-management and the booking of catch-up classes via the E-Commerce from the VAR portal. 

After logging in, click on  Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Booking and then on

  • Manage catch-up -> select Override and then Yes
  • Manage absences  -> select Override and then Yes 

Then save. 

Please note that it is also possible to activate only one of the two options according to your needs.

SPORTRICK allows you to specify a deadline for the notification of absences. 

If customers are required to pre-notify their absence to book a catch-up class, they will have to do so within the deadline otherwise they won't be allowed to book a catch-up class. 

The deadline can be specified from Settings -> Main Setting -> Social Booking -> Notice Required to Cancel Bookings