List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. configuration
  3. customer registration
  4. access control
  5. reports and data analysis

1. Introduction

This manual shows how to configure the integration between SPORTRICK and Gympass to allow access into the facility to Gympass customers.

Please note that if the Gympass button is not visible or the integration in the user profile is not active, you can contact the SPORTRICK support channel.

2. Configuration

In SPORTRICK's settings you'll find the Gympass button.

The fields are:

  • GymID (required): club's ID on the Gympass portal. Please contact your Gympass consultant to get this ID.
  • To enable multi-validation for a single Gympass access (optional) mark the option (1) and set the validity time for each single access (2) choosing one of the available options (minutes, hours, days). This option allows to use the identification several times in that period of time. 

3. Customer Registration

To activate a Gympass user it will be necessary to create a user profile (if it hasn't been registered before) and then click on Modify under the profile picture. In the Account section you will find the box to tick to enable the activation and then you will have to insert the customer's Gympass ID in the corresponding field.

4. Access Control

To activate access control for Gympass holders, please follow the steps below:

  1. assign a proximity card for access control (as described in the following manual: How to Assign a Proximity Card for Access Control
  2. customers have to follow the Gympass procedure on their smartphone to declare that they are accessing a club that has a partnership with Gympass. Please contact Gympass for more info
  3. at this point SPORTRICK's access-control system will check if the customer can access the club.

The first step is only required once, while step 2 and 3 are required at each access attempt. 

5. Reports and Data Analysis

You can get a list of customers that use Gympass by creating a report. From SPORTRICK's settings, click on Report and then click on Add to select "Person" as data source. Then you can create a report as explained in the following manual: reports, making sure to include the Gympass filter.