In the main page of the user profile there is a list of the customer's purchases with their validity and cost. 

To see the details of a purchased membership fee, just click on the corresponding row.


possibility to edit the validity of the membership fee and add notes. Click on the yellow button to save changes.


possibility to edit some accounting details through the Edit button

  • Change the Price
  • Change the Sale Date
  • Change the Payment Due Date
  • Change/Add the Seller
  • Enable Web Payment: click on YES to enable the client to pay outstanding amounts related to this multipack via their E-Commerce profile


In this section it is possible to select a planned suspension type to freeze the membership fee (and therefore prolong its validity). Suspensions can be applied also through the quick button on the right of the screen.  

Please refer to the suspension manual to see the procedure to freeze the membership fee.




On the right-hand side of the screen in the Actions section it is possible to click on the corresponding button to refund the amount paid for the multipack. The system automatically calculates the amount according to the remaining validity of the multipack, but the amount and the cancellation date can be edited. It is also possible to issue a coupon.