Booking Limit: maximum number of classes/services that can be booked in the selected period. This ensures that participants always vary. 


  1. this option can be found in the details of a multipack or the corresponding rows of the price list
    • from the details of a multipack: click on Planning - Multipacks - Detail - Options
    • from the price list of a multipack: click on Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Price List - Rows - Detail - Options
  2. Specify the period and the maximum number of classes that can be booked:
    • Advanced Booking Limit:
      • Enabled: booking limit applied on the multipack as a whole (only on activities with limit enabled)  Example: clients are allowed 2 bookings per day only
      • Disabled: booking limit applied on each single activity (with limit enabled) included in the multipack. Example: clients can book 2 classes of zumba on the same day, 2 sessions with a personal trainer on the same day, etc.
  3. Enable the booking limit on the required activities (see steps in the pictures). If it is set on NO, that activity will not be affected by the booking limit 

after setting up the limit, in case of a multipack with a price list, it will be necessary to enable the corresponding option in the details of the multipack, either in Courses or Services

Please note that the limit can also be set to 0. In this case, the activities with the limit box set on Yes will not be available for booking