List of topics

  1. prerequisites
  2. introduction
  3. creation
  4. default outcomes

1. Prerequisites

To understand the concept of CRM outcomes it is necessary to know the concept of CRM task (please see the corresponding manual).

2. Introduction

CRM Outcomes are necessary to make the most of SPORTRICK's CRM.

The creation of outcomes makes it possible to define a status or conclusion of each CRM task.

3. Creation

To add or edit task-related outcomes, click on Settings -> CRM Outcomes -> Add/Edit and specify:

  • name
  • status: it defines the status of the outcome of the CRM task. You can choose between Done and Cancelled. The corresponding tasks will be marked with the following symbols:
    • Done


  • outcome type: you can define the outcome as Positive, Negative or leave it as Unknown

Important: the button Delete will delete the outcome but it can only be used if the outcome hasn't been linked with a CRM task yet. Conversely, the outcome can be stored (Edit -> Stored). This means that it will no longer be available to use but it will be stored in the system for record purposes. A stored outcome will be marked with a padlock icon. It is always possible to make it available again by unticking the stored option.

4. Default Outcomes

There are two standard outcomes available (they cannot be edited):

  • email read: status automatically assigned to the notification alerting that a client has just opened an email 
  • scheduled: status automatically assigned to every CRM task

It is possible to customise which outcome has to be automatically assigned by the system to each CRM task and note that is created. The path is the following: Settings -> Main Settings -> CRM and MARKETING

  • Default outcome for CRM tasks 
  • Default outcome for CRM notes