In order to sell a multipack, it is necessary to open the user's profile and click on Sale.

In the Activity field, select Multipack and then click on Search.

  • if the multipack has a fixed duration and price: 
    • click on "Select"
    • the multipack will be added to the shopping basket
  • if the multipack has a price list:
    • click on "Select"  
    • a new window will pop up with the possibility to change the start of the multipack validity (the system automatically considers the current date as the start of the multipack's validity) 
    • if there are optional rows in the selected price list, they will appear after choosing the price of the multipack

Before confirming the sale, it will be possible to change the start of the validity of the multipack and/or the price through the OPTIONS button.

Click on "Confirm Sale" to open the payment window. 

Please note that if you wish to specify a seller you can click on the arrow next to "Confirm Sale" (the seller must have been previously created from Settings -> User Management).

It is always possible to assign/change the seller after the payment from the main page of the user's profile (click anywhere on the row corresponding to the multipack, click on Accounting, Edit and then select the seller from the drop-down menu).

It is also possible to notify the seller about the requirement of a valid membership fee/medical certificate during the sale of a multipack that requires it. For more info click here.