To open the CRM dashboard and manage CRM tasks, click on Front-Office -> CRM Dashboard

  • All Tasks: summary of all CRM tasks, with the possibility to filter them by date of schedule/creation, user and type
  • Urgent Activities: urgent activities can be highlighted in red to notify the high priority. This option depends on the configuration of CRM targets in the Settings
  • Contacts: list of customers assigned to the logged-in user (the logged-in user must appear as consultant in the user profile of customers)
  • Pending Activities: CRM tasks that are still open and waiting to be carried out

You can create a CRM task in two different ways: 

1) click on a slot in the agenda corresponding to the desired time and day

2) click on the button "add task"

Alternatively, it is possible to click on "add history" to add a note or comment on a fact that has already taken place.

CRM tasks assigned to the logged-in user will only be visible in the agenda if the type of task has been marked as visible (Settings - CRM Tasks - Details)

a task can have the following types of status:

  • Scheduled
  • Done

  • Cancelled

This button enables to access all the CRM tasks. Tasks can be filtered by date of schedule/creation, user responsible for the task and task type.

The list of tasks shows the following details:

  • Person: customer
  • Task: type of task
  • Date: scheduled date and time for the task. If the scheduled date of the task doesn't correspond to the date the task was created, the latter will be indicated between brackets
  • User: person responsible for the task. If another user created the task, he/she will be indicated between brackets
  • Outcome
  • Note: details about the task
  • Tags: filters to identify the task 

Next to each task there is a button with the following options:


If a task is scheduled and therefore pending, there are three options available:

  1. close it 
  2. close it with a note
  3. schedule a new related task

Click on Next 

1. close the task: select the outcome and close the task

The available outcomes for the task are: Cancelled, Negative, Positive, but you can add more in the Settings

2. close with a note: add information about the outcome of the task

3. schedule a new related task: specify the type of the new task, add a tag if needed, schedule a date and time and assign it to a user that will be responsible to carry it out. 

Click on OK to save the changes.

For instance: Blanca's workout has been discussed and reviewed. Now the personal trainer wants to inform her about new supplements that might interest her. The next step will therefore be to select "Continue with task", select "ProShop sales" as type, schedule a date and add some notes about the task.

Blanca is not interested in purchasing the supplements. The next and final step will be to click on "Next" and select "Negative" as outcome of the task and select "Close".

The task will be marked as completed.

A cancelled task will be marked with the red symbol.

Please note that tasks cannot be deleted. They can either be marked as cancelled or it is possible to create a related tag (more info about tags can be found here).