List of Topics

  1. introduction;
  2. planning;
  3. how to link a catch-up type with a course

1. Introduction

This manual explains how to create a catch-up type for didactic courses only* (that is, courses with an enrolment, where the customer's attendance is expected for every class of the course during a specific period). 

There can be different requirements to catch up a missed class, therefore SPORTRICK offers the possibility to create various catch-up types with different rules.  

*Missed classes that have been booked through a multipack don't require the planning of a catch-up type, it will be sufficient to delete the booking of the missed class and book another one.

2. Planning

To create a catch-up type to manage missed classes click on Planning -> Courses -> Catch-Up Types -> Add and specify:


  • name of the catch-up type (MANDATORY)
  • rules (OPTIONAL)
    • rule 1: limit of bookable catch-up classes for the duration of the course
    • rule 2: catch-up classes available only in case of absence:
      • only consider marked absences: it will only be possible to catch-up classes if the attendance status has been marked as absent (the pictures below show the procedure that an operator has to follow. However, it is also possible to let customers notify their absence via the E-Commerce portal. More info here: Enable the Booking of Catch-up Classes via the E-Commerce  

  • tags (RECOMMENDED): it is possible to add a tag in this field (to create a tag please refer to the following manual:  Tags) so that every time a customer books a catch-up class, this will stand out and it will be easy to differentiate between clients who booked a catch-up class and regular attendees. The tag can also be useful to speed up searches. 


  • activities to be used as filter to search for catch-up classes (MANDATORY): customers will only be allowed to book catch-up classes for the activity/ies specified in this field. The option "Include the same activity of the course" will enable customers to book catch-up classes only for the activity of the course the client has enrolled onto 
  • only courses requiring the same skills (OPTIONAL): if this option is enabled, customers will only be allowed to book catch-up classes that match their skills.

3. How to Link a Catch-up Type with a Course 

After a catch-up type has been created, it will be necessary to follow the below steps to link it with a course, otherwise customers won't be able to book catch-up classes:

  1. click on Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale 
  2. select a Season and an Activity and click on Confirm. If there are previously created items, they will be shown in the summary at the bottom of the page, otherwise follow the steps of the following manual.
  3. click on Edit  
  4. select the catch-up type, then click on OK.

To remove a catch-up type from a course, just click on the x in the field where the catch-up type has been selected and then click on OK to save.