There can be different ways of catching up a missed class; some might require an absence, some courses can have a limitation of classes available for catch up, etc. This manual explains how to create a catch-up type for didactic courses.

  • Classes of a multipack: it is not necessary to create a catch-up type. Just delete the booking of the class and book another
  • Classes of a course: please see below


To create a catch-up type to manage missed classes click on Add and specify:

  • Name
  • RULES: 
    • Rule 1: limit of catch-up classes for the duration of the course
    • Rule 2: catch-up classes available only in case of absence:
      • Only consider marked absences: it will only be possible to catch-up classes if the attendance status has been marked as absent  

    • Tags: tags can be automatically associated with a catch-up class to speed up searches.

It is advisable to assign a tag to the class to be able to easily differentiate between clients who booked a catch-up class and regular attendees. To create a catch-up tag ->  Tags

    • Activities: in order for catch-up classes to be available for booking, you will need to add the corresponding activity/ies in this field. If you select "Include the same activity of the course", catch-up classes will be available for the activity/ies included in the course the client has paid for. 
    • Only courses requiring the same skills: if this option is enabled, the client will only be able to catch up the missed class by booking a course with the same skills of the course he/she is enroled onto.

Associate a catch-up type with a course

After a catch-up type has been created, it is necessary to follow the below steps in order to make them available:

  1. click on Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale 
  2. select the Season and the Activity and click on Confirm. If there are previously created items, they will be shown in the summary at the bottom of the page. Otherwise follow the procedure explained in Course Sale
  3. click on Edit and select the catch-up type, then click on OK.