List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. basic settings
    1. create new users and assign them to a team
    2. edit user name/reset password/delete user
  3. optional advanced settings
    1. creation of customised teams
    2. change of team 
    3. E-Commerce: account management

1. Introduction

From the section dedicated to the management of user credentials and user rights, it is possible to:

  1.  create the login credentials for users that will work with SPORTRICK
  2.  assign users to a team according to the user rights they require to work with SPORTRICK

Additionally, these users will appear in drop-down menus for the following operations: 

  • assign a consultant to a customer
  • specify a seller
  • designate a person responsible to carry out a CRM task

2. Basic Settings

Create new users and assign them to a team

In order to create and manage new users, click on Settings -> User Management, then click on Add User and:

  1. specify the operator's full name (e.g. John Doe). This field is optional. If left blank, the system will use the email provided as username
  2. choose a team and therefore the user rights. The teams listed in the table below are pre-configured, however it is possible to create customised teams (How to Create/Edit a Team of Users) or change the default user rights of the pre-existing teams (Team Rights).
unlike other teams, administrators don't have any type of restriction and can access all of SPORTRICK's features

please note that creating a user belonging to the trainer team does not mean that it will be possible to assign this user to courses as instructor. This procedure is only aimed at providing certain user rights for the use of SPORTRICK. To see how to create instructors for courses please click here.

A Trainer can manage the following sections:

  • REPORTS: view assigned Standard and Custom Exports;
  • PLANNING: view agenda of scheduled classes and book classes for customers;
  • TRAINERS: access to the whole section

a user belonging to this team can manage the following sections:

  • FRONT OFFICE: specifically:
    • look up users
    • perform user-profile-related activities: sales, payments, access to documents and CRM tasks
    • sale of items via Proshop
  • ACCESS CONTROL: access to the section dedicated to access and exit control and access simulation;
  • REPORTS: view assigned standard exports, assigned custom xports and perform marketing searches;
  • PLANNING: view agenda of scheduled classes, book classes, cancel bookings, manage the waiting list.

3. username: type an email that will be used as username for access. Please note that the email doesn't necessarily need to be an email address in use, it can be made up as long as it's in this format 

4. password: the password is temporary, users will be able to change it after they log in (as shown in the two pictures below):

If the system does not confirm the creation of the user, it means that the email address specified has already been registered and a new one is required.

Edit User Name/Reset Password/Delete User

In the main page of user management there is a list of all the users that have been created:

Available actions (click on Detail next to the username):

  • edit: change the user name
  • reset password: choose a new password
  • delete: delete user. WARNING: if the user has been linked with CRM tasks, has been selected as seller for sales or is any way linked with an activity in SPORTRICK, it is recommended to reset the password rather than delete the user. This will avoid the loss of data and at the same time prevent the user from logging into the system.

3. Optional Advanced Settings

Creation of customised teams

It is possible to create customised teams or edit the user rights of existing teams. In order to do so, please note that:

  • advanced IT skills are required
  • a thorough knowledge of SPORTRICK is required

To proceed, please refer to the following manuals:

Chage of team

To change the team a user belongs to and consequently the user rights, please access the VAR portal and click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Users -> Modify, select the new team and click on OK to save. 

E-Commerce: account management 

On the main page of user management there is a section labelled E-Commerce where you can find a list of all the usernames with an E-Commerce account (please note that E-Commerce access and credentials are not provided from this section. Click here to see the correct procedure). 

Available actions (click on Detail next to the username): 

  • edit: change username 
  • reset password: the user can use this password to log into their E-Commerce account and change it again in their profile 
  • suspended: deactivate E-Commerce account

In the table on the right there is a list of the accounts linked to that username (login details can be the same for more than one account, although the accounts are kept separate, one for each customer). 

Through the button  it is possible to decide which account is the default one (main account).