List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. multipack with fixed price/membership fee
  3. multipack with price list
  4. enrollment 

1. Introduction

During the sale of a multipack/enrollment/membership fee, the system automatically sets the current date as first day of validity. It is however possible to specify a different date according to the procedures described in this manual.

2. Multipack with Fixed Price/Membership Fee

Once the desired multipacks/membership fees have been selected, before confirming the sale it will be possible to click on the Option button to specify the desired start of the validity.

3. Multipack with Price List

After selecting the desired multipack, before selecting the price-list row you will have to specify the starting date of validity. 

4. Enrollment 

During the sale of an enrollment, it is possible to specify the day the enrollment will be valid from, especially if the cost is calculated by number of classes. First specify the date and then click on select to add the enrollment in the shopping basket.This is useful to avoid the customer being charged for classes they didn't attend, for example if they enrol when the course has already started.

If no date is specified, the system will charge the cost of all the classes included in the course.

Specifying the actual starting date of the enrolment is also useful to have reliable data in terms of attendance, since the customer's name will show up as attendee in each class included in the enrollment's validity.