List of topics

  1. how to reset the E-Commerce password
    1. automatically
    2. manually
  2. how to disable an E-Commerce account

1. How to Reset the E-Commerce Password

  • automatically

clients can request a new password from the Login Page of the E-Commerce. 


They will receive an email with the link for password reset. Please note that it is MANDATORY to configure this email from Settings -> Notification Templates, otherwise clients won't receive it. The steps for configuration can be found in the following manual: notification templates. Please note that the link the user receives will only be valid for one hour. It is advisable to include this information while configuring the email sent out to users. Any attempt to reset the password through an expired link will result in an error message and clients will have to repeat the procedure requesting again a change of password from the login page of the E-Commerce


  • manually

alternatively, staff can reset a client’s password from SPORTRICK: Settings -> User Management -> E-Commerce -> Detail

the system will require to repeat the new password twice. Click on OK to save and then let the customer know what their new password is.

if the above-described procedure doesn't work, please follow this alternative path:

  1. open the user's profile and click on EDIT under the profile picture
  2. open the ACCOUNT section and click on UNLINK USER  
  3. click on    , type in a new password. After saving the changes, let the user know their access credentials.

2. How to Disable an E-Commerce Account

There are two ways to disable an E-Commerce account:

  1. from Settings -> User Management -> E-Commerce -> Detail, mark the Suspended box and click on Confirm


  1. from the user’s profile in SPORTRICK: click on Edit (under the profile picture) -> Account-> Unlink User -> Save changes. 

This will unlink the user’s profile registered in SPORTRICK and the E-Commerce account associated with that username. This option is useful if an E-Commerce account is shared between more than one user.