Customers can book classes and services directly from the E-Commerce. 

Please note that services must be planned as a course to be booked online! 

e.g. a personal-training session can be booked either for 30 minutes or for one hour:

  1. create two activities:
    1. pt 30m
    2. pt 60m
  2. plan the two activities as a course. Therefore if the personal trainer is available from 9AM to 1PM, it will be necessary to plan the pt 60m course at 9AM, then 10AM, then 11AM, and so on. Then the activity pt 30m will have to be planned at 9AM, 9:30AM, 10AM and so on.
  3. to differentiate the booking by personal trainer, it is possible to create skills with the name of the pt and then assign them to the corresponding course.

All other services can be planned with the same logic of the above example.


To enable the booking of classes/services via E-Commerce for customers, the corresponding activity has to be marked as available for online booking (if the activity already exists click on Edit -> E-Commerce):

Two optional fields might be also useful:

  1.  E-Commerce Name: you can use an alternative NAME for this activity in the E-Commerce. Leave it blank to keep the original name of the activity
  2. E-Commerce Description: short description of the activity that will be visible on the E-Commerce environment (useful to clarify what clients are going to book)

Please note that in order to book an activity this must be included in the customer's multipack

if the booking of classes is also available to customers without an active multipack, it will be necessary to enable both the availability for online booking and the free booking for that activity:

IMPORTANT: the free-booking option requires the creation of a course price-list. Please refer to the corresponding manual for more information.

Configuration of the time frame for booking availability

From Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Availability it is possible to configure a specific time frame, so that only classes within this time frame can be booked by customers. The starting date is always the current day. The last day is calculated according to the number of days specified. 

Example: if the value is set to 14, the E-Commerce timetable will show customers only those classes/services that take place from today to 14 days. So if today is the first of the month customers will be allowed to book classes/services up to the 14th.

If the value is set to 0, customers will only be able to book classes/services that take place on the current day.

Configuration of the booking-cancellation deadline

From Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking ->Notice Required to Cancel Bookings, it is possible to specify a deadline for booking cancellation (minutes, hours, days or weeks of advanced notice to cancel bookings). If customers cancel their booking within the deadline, they will have the credit deducted from their pass refunded.