In Planning -> Courses -> Course Summary it is possible to assign characteristics to more than one course at the same time or edit their details:

  1. select the boxes of the courses that will be edited or click on the "Select All" button

  2. click on the "Edit" button


   3. edit the required details and TICK THE BOX. Then click on OK. If the box is not selected the changes will not be applied to all the selected courses.

List of details that can be massively changed:

  1. course name
  2. skills
  3. capacity
  4. instructor
  5. starting date and last day
  6. price and taxes
  7. E-Commerce settings and pre-emption period
  8. medical certificate/membership fee requirements
  9. customised access-control settings
  10. statistic details
  11. notes
  12. store course
  13. tags
  14. min number of participants

When details regarding the scheduling of the course (such as area, time, duration, capacity, day, etc.) are edited, it will be necessary to click on the button in the below picture to update the calendar:

to permanently delete courses click on the Delete button. Please note that this operation requires great care as once deleted, courses are not retrievable!