To sell Gift Cards click on Front Office -> Proshop:

  1. if the client is new, it will be possible to create a user profile by clicking on Add New Person and then follow the procedure described below
  2. if the client has a user profile, it will be necessary to specify the name of the customer before selecting the gift card
  3. for anonymous sales, please follow the procedure described below

Sale through barcode

Scan/Type in the barcode and proceed with the sale

Manual sale

click on Gift Card List and select one gift card from the table by clicking on Add. Then proceed with the payment.

Once the payment has been completed (as explained in detail in the ProShop manual), the client can be provided with the gift code found on the Excel File. Please click here to see how to export the gift-card codes on an Excel file.

Please note that a client can use the gift card only after redeeming it (the code's validity must be verified).