The rows of a multipack price list can also have a daily price, so that the system can calculate the price of the multipack according to any variation of price during the period of validity. An example will clarify the purpose of this option:

Winter price list valid from 01/09/2016 to 31/05/2017: the cost of the multipack will be 2£ a day;

Summer price list: valid from 01/06/2017 to 31/08/2017: the same multipack will cost 2,50£ a day;

therefore if the multipack is sold on the 25th of May 2017 with a thirty-day validity, the system will calculate the cost of the multipack in the following way:

  • from 25/05 to 31/05 --> 2.00£ x   7 = 14£   +
  • from 01/06 to 24/06 --> 2.50£ x 24 = 60£   =

                                                     total price: 74£

Please note that you can either create a specific multipack and link it with a price list based on a daily price (example 1), or you can simply add the daily price with the corresponding period of validity to an already existing row(s) of the price list. In that case the system will use the general price of that row and will only apply the daily price during the selected period/s (example 2)

example 1) specific multipack with a price list based on a daily price:

  • create a price list (e.g. daily price);
  • click on rows and add a row to the price list, specifying the name (e.g. daily price) and lenght of validity;
  • click on daily price to enable the option, select the period/s of validity for that price, then click on OK to save;
  • create a multipack (e.g. daily price) in Planning - Multipacks and link the price list you have just created (click here for more details on multipack creation);

example 2) add the daily price with the corresponding period of validity to an already existing price-list row/s:

  • click on the details of a row (or more rows) and go to the daily price section;
  • tick the box to enable the daily price, add the period/s of validity, the price and then click on OK to save

During the sale procedure the system will display the price-list rows that offer this option and will show the cost of each period. 

The start of the validity is always based on the current day. 

In case the beginning of the validity of the multipack is different from the current day, it will be necessary to specify the date before selecting the required row of the price list.