List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. configuration
  3. how it works

1. Introduction

When a client has two or more multipacks valid for access at a given moment, the system can allow the reception personnell to choose which multipack has priority over the other/s to record the client's access.

2. Configuration

Please note that this option must be activated from the VAR portal. After logging in, click on Managed Enviroments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings and type in the code 10095 in the search field. The following option will appear: "Access control: enable multipack with same priority check". Click on Modify and select YES. Then click on OK.

If the option is not enabled, the system will give priority to the multipack that requires credit deduction. Therefore, if a client has two valid multipacks, one that requires credit deduction for access and the other that grants unlimited access, the system will register the access deducting the necessary credit from the multipack.


3. How it Works

When access is attempted, the Browse button will appear (only if the customer has two or more multipacks valid for access at that moment).

Just click on the Browse button and the system will provide a list of the customer's multipacks which are valid for access. 

Click on "Select" to choose the desired multipack.