In the Home Page there are two buttons to open the booking window: the purple button on the right and the Booking - Agenda buttons on the left.

How to book:

  1. click on New Booking (the purple button) to see the classes (or services) available for booking
  2. click on the desired one  
  3. the classes/services will be highlighted in different colours according to the number of available bookings: 
    • green: high availability
    • yellow: low availability
    • red: fully booked (this option will only be available if activated from the VAR portal, please find more details below in the Waiting List chapter. Conversely, fully booked lessons will not be shown in the timetable) 
  4. after clicking on a slot in the agenda, click again on the name of the class/service to confirm the booking 
  5. the system will add the booking to the client's agenda.

Where to find bookings

  1. in the calendar on the Home Page
  2. in the Agenda 
  3. in the user's Profile under the Agenda section. Here bookings can be filtered by date. If the remote personal training is active, remote personal training sessions can be launched by clicking on the icon next to the booking.

Delete Bookings

Click on Booking -> Agenda to find the active bookings. Next to each booking there is the delete button.

If the system doesn't allow the cancellation of the booking, it means that the deadline has expired and the booking can no longer be deleted (the deadline can be specified in Sportrick from Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Notice Required to Cancel Booking).

Therefore if one credit was deducted from the customer's multipack at the moment of the booking, that credit will be refunded provided that the customer deletes the booking within the deadline. Conversely, that credit will be lost.

Free Booking (without multipack/course enrolment)

If correctly set up in Sportrick, the free booking will be available on the E-Commerce under the Booking section. The free booking procedure is exactly like the standard procedure, but customers without a pre-purchased multipack or active enrolment onto a course can freely book an activity without having to pay for it or, if payment is required, the activity will be automatically added to their trolley.

Please note that aside from the Sportrick's configuration, this functionality must also be enabled from the VAR portal (Configurations - Settings - 10062 - Allow bookings in E-commerce without valid purchase). 

If you don't have access to the VAR, please contact

Invite friends

Clients can invite their friends to take part in the class/service (if the service allows more than one participant). By clicking on the Invite button next to each booking, the client will be able to choose which friend/s to invite from their list of friends.

Waiting List

When a class/service is fully booked, the corresponding slot will be highlighted in red, provided that a waiting list has been enabled for that activity in Sportrick (please note that this functionality must be activated from the VAR portal as well, by clicking on Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Booking -> Show Full Lessons -> YES. If you don't have access to the VAR portal, please contact

Customers can click on the red slot to add their name onto the waiting list (through the Waiting List button).

How does the waiting list work? 

After a booking cancellation:

  • STANDARD WAITING LIST: after a cancellation, bookings for users who are not on the waiting list will be automatically blocked for a specific time interval, in order to give booking priority to those who are on the waiting list. To configure this time interval, open Sportrick and click on Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Disabled: number of minutes following a booking cancellation, when reservations are unavailable for all those users whose name is not on the waiting list. People who are on the waiting list will be able to click on "Take Part" (next to the booking) to be moved to the list of participants. Please note that customers do not receive notifications about booking cancellations! 
  • REVOLUTION WAITING LIST: the process is automatic, that is, after a booking cancellation, the first user on the waiting list will be automatically moved to the list of participants. 

The Delete button will remove the user's name from the waiting list and no booking will be recorded on their behalf.