In order to sell a course without creating sale combinations (see Course - Course Sale), open the customer's profile and click on Sale, then select the Season and the Activity related to the course and click on Find. 

Click on All Courses

the system will provide a list of all the available courses according to the activity and season that have been previously selected.

The price of the course refers to the one provided in the price list, the availability shows how many people can still enrol.

Before confirming the sale, it will be possible to change the start of the validity of the course and/or the price through the OPTIONS button.

Click on the yellow button to Confirm the Sale or click on the arrow next to it to specify a seller.

It is always possible to assign/change the seller after the payment from the main page of the user's profile (click anywhere on the row corresponding to the course, click on Detail, Accounting, Edit and then select the seller from the drop-down menu).  

The system can automatically notify the seller about the requirement of a valid membership fee/medical certificate during the sale of a course. Please find more info here.