List of Topics

  1. requirements
  2. how to pay an instalment
  3. how to pay the balance
  4. how to pay instalments online

1. Requirements

The purpose of this manual is to show how to pay instalments. To know how to configure instalments, please refer to the manual for the creation of instalments).

2. How to Pay an Instalment

In order to pay an instalment, open the Payment window of the user's profile and click on Instalments. 

The amount and the payment due date can be edited through the white icon next to each instalment. Please don't delete instalments if some of them have already been paid. Just set the instalment value to zero. The balance will automatically update.

To pay an instalment, select the corresponding blue box

 and click on blob1476705380465.png 

 Once you have clicked on Pay Now, the selected instalment will disappear from the list.

3. How to Pay the Balance

If you click on Payment and then on the plus symbol, you will see a summary of the amount paid and the amount yet to be paid, as shown in the example below:

  • 1st row: oustanding balance
  • 2nd row: instalment already paid
  • 3rd row: total price

To pay the final balance, just tick the box corresponding to the balance and click on Pay Now.  

4. Payment of Instalments via E-Commerce

It is also possible to allow customers to pay instalments through their E-Commerce profile. Below the steps to enable this option, which will have to be repeated for each instalment the customer will have to pay online:

  1. in the E-Commerce profile it will be possible to find the outstanding payments by clicking on the trolley icon.