In order to edit a document that has already been issued, click on the INFO button next to it in the Documents section.

You can edit:

  • Header
    • Document data:  
      • Document Template: NO CHANGES ALLOWED;
      • Date;
      • Number: document number;
      • Payment: payment method;
      • Location: location where the payment was taken;
      • Document notes: notes on the document;
      • Notes: notes about the document.
    • Holder Details: you can edit the personal details of the holder of the document such as date of birth, address...
    • Payer Details:  you can edit the personal details of the payer if the person is different from the holder of the document. You can insert the name of the person in the quick search field to fill in the details if the payer has a user profile in the system.

  • If you click on Edit you will only be able to edit the description but not the price. The statistics fields can also be edited. For more info, please refer to the corresponding manual

  • Actions
    • General: print doc
    • Actions: you can re-issue the document using a different document template or delete it (if you delete the document the amount will be considered as pending payment).

Don't forget to click on to save.