In the Calendar it is possible to perform the following actions: 

  1. filter classes by day, facility and area
  2. see the details of a class and reservation availability 
  3. add notes about a class
  4. block/unblock reservations
  5. book a class
  6. mark the attendance
  7. add to the waiting list 

1. filter classes by day, facility and area

  • pick a facility

  • pick one or more areas

  • click on load
  • it is possible to adjust the calendar layout by right-clicking with the mouse on any spot of the calendar and select the desired option

  • on the left there is a list of all the activities with their corresponding colour. Each box corresponding to an activity shows:
    • the name of the course 
    • the instructor (if assigned) 
    • the number corresponding to the booking availability: e.g. 15 = 15 people can book the class

2. see the details of a class 

Just click on the box with the name of the class and the system will provide the following details:

3. add notes about a class

Just type them in in the corresponding field and then click on Save Changes. If you have a look at the timetable now, you will see that an "i" has appeared in the box of the class. This indicates that some notes have been added to that class.

4. block/unblock reservations 

please click here for more details.

5. book a class 

Type in the name of the attendee you wish to book in and click on add

6. mark the attendance

Tick the box under the letter P and click on Save Attendance. Please note that the box will only be visible to mark the attendance on the day of the class or for classes in the past. For future classes it will be necessary to wait for the day of the class.

7.  add a person to the waiting list

Click on Waiting List and type in the name of the customer. Then click on Save Attendance.

the customer can then be moved to the list of attendees or deleted from the waiting list (in case there is no more need to take part in the class) by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Please note that once the customer has been moved to the list of attendees, the customer's name will still remain on the waiting list for record purposes. It is possible to distinguish people still on the waiting list from people that have been moved to the list of attendees by the different icons and by the different buttons.