You can open the Home Page any time by clicking on the Sportrick Logo on the black banner on top of the page.

On the left side of the Home Page you can find a Timeline of the activities scheduled for the current day and the day after:

  • name of the activity
  • time and day
  • area

the colour indicates the booking availability (green = high, yellow = low)

If you click on a class, the system will provide the following info:

To add a person click on Add (yellow button), type in the name and click on add.

You can also print a list of participants by clicking on the corresponding button. 

The button Info next to the name of the person is a shortcut to the user's profile, while the button Delete will remove the person from the list of attendees.

If a waiting list is available for a course, you can also print it by clicking on the corresponding button (you can activate the waiting list for an activity by clicking on Settings -> Activities -> Edit -> More -> tick the Waiting List box and select either the Standard or Revolution Waiting Listi. More info here).

Through the button on the left-hand side at the bottom of the page it is possible to mark the attendance or check the list of people who attended a class in case the attendance has already been marked

If the box is ticked it means that the person has attended the class.