List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. creation of a CRM task

1. Introduction

Tasks are fundamental for CRM operations.

A task can be identified as follows:

  • an action to be taken, especially for sale purposes (Phone Call, Quote, Tour, Meeting...)
  • a category for notes (Email, Workout Routine...)

Example: a call is required to remind a customer about their outstanding payments -> task = Phone Call

2. Creation of a CRM Task

Click on Settings -> CRM Tasks -> Add Type:

  • name
  • visible in the agenda: it defines if the type of task will be visible in the agenda of the operators (the CRM dashboard in the Front-Office)
  • stored: the Delete button will permanently delete the CRM task (if it hasn't been used), while by storing it, the CRM target will no longer be available to use but previous records won't be lost. The task can be made available again at any time by unticking the stored option.

It is possible to create one or more tasks that will follow the previous one, so that the system will automatically plan a specific task or more after the completion of the previous.

  • type: type of task that the system will automatically create when the previous task has been completed;
  • waiting time: time between the completion of the previous task and the creation of the following one

Please note that if a task is followed by various tasks, they will all refer to the first one. 

This means that if the main task is a tour of the gym and after the tour they system has to create two tasks, for example phone call and quote, the quote task won't be created after the completion of the phone call, but after the completion of the gym tour (main task).

Therefore if the quote has to be prepared after the phone call has been done, it will be necessary to specify the quote task as secondary to the phone-call task (in the details of that task rather than the gym tour).