If access control is required, it will be necessary to create access types to allow access to the facility/specific areas.

IMPORTANT: to take part in classes, services or courses, an access type is not needed as the system will open the gate/turnstile to let the customer in because they have a reservation at that specific time. Access types are only required to grant access during a wider time span, whilst in case of reservation, access is only allowed for the booked time.

An example of access type can be access to the gym from 7AM to 9PM to train on machines.

To create an access type click on Planning - Multipacks - Access Types

Then insert the name and the activity it refers to (e.g. name = off-peak workout, activity = fitness), then click on Confirm. The activity is mandatory and it needs to be created in Settings -> Activities.

In the table below click on Detail to start adding info about the access type:

  • Info
    • Name
    • Activity (MANDATORY): activity the access type relates to
  • Allowed Areas
    • Areas: areas where entrance is allowed by the access type 
    • Days of the week: days of the week when access is allowed
    • Starting Time: starting time when access is allowed into the area
    • End Time: until what time access is allowed into the area

It is possible to add more than one access type according to necessity: e.g. from Monday to Friday access is allowed from 7AM to 10PM (click on Add), then select Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 5PM (and click on Add). 

It is also possible to create an off-peak access type: Monday to Friday from 9AM to 1PM

 (click on Add) and then again Monday to Friday from 2.30PM to 5.30PM (click on Add). This means that if someone attempts to access at 2PM the turnstile/gate will not open.

  • Access
    • Options: it is possible to activate a control on the following options to prevent access in case customers don't have them/didn't renew them. If these options are activated, the system can either alert or block the access (to activate the block please go to Settings -> General Settings)
      • Medical Certificate Needed
      • Medical Certificate for Competitive Activity Needed
      • Annual Membership Fee Needed
    • Access Control Settings
      • Default Settings
      • Customised Access Time
        • Early Access Minutes Compared to Beginning of Activity
        • Late Access Minutes Compared to End/Beginning of Activity

For examples please refer to the manual

  • Access Limitations
    • Type of Time Limit (week, day, month..)
    • Access Limit (number of times access is allowed during the selected time frame)
  • More
    • Notes