From Planning - Courses - Course Summary it is possible to have an overview of all the courses created and, if needed, to edit them.

There are some filters available:

  1. Season
  2. Activities
  3. Date of the course
  4. Time of the course
  5. Tags

After clicking on Update, a list of the scheduled courses will be displayed in a table.

There are also three different ways to filter the columns in the table:

  1. show: number of rows to be shown in the table
  2. find: type a word in the search field to show only the courses related to that key word
  3. order of appearance: by clicking on the name of the column (in bold) the rows will be ordered accordingly: e.g. click on the column name to order the rows alphabetically 

To check/edit some details of the courses click on the Detail button.

Course Details


  1. name of the course
  2. skills required for the course (optional)
  3. capacity (maximum number of people per class)
  4. total number of classes of the course (not modifiable)


  1. course instructor (start typing the name and the system will suggest the full name of the instructor. Click here to see how to create an instructor profile)
  2. assistant (optional additional member of staff assisting the main instructor during the course)
  3. starting date of assistance
  4. notes 

Allowed Areas:

  1. facility
  2. area
  3. lane
  4. day
  5. starting date
  6. last day
  7. starting time
  8. duration

Other Collocations:

It is possible to add other areas where the course will take place in addition to the main scheduled area. For example, a swimming course can require 15 minutes of warming-up exercises before getting into the pool. The swimming course will be therefore split into two areas: 15 minutes in the Fitness Area and 45 minutes in the pool.  

  1. facility
  2. area
  3. starting time
  4. duration


  1. price: If you use a price list, this price will be automatically calculated according to the number of classes, otherwise you can always enter another price
  2. tax: (always recommended to make the most of Sportrick's potential. In case of tax exemption create a tax with value = 0. Click here to see how to create a tax) 


  1. available on E-Commerce:
    • renewal
    • new purchase
  2. E-Commerce description
  3. Pre-emption dates: during this time frame, the course will be available for renewal first and for new purchases on the E-Commerce afterwards. If dates are not specified in the details of the course, the system will refer to the pre-emption dates provided in the period of validity the course refers to.


  • medical certificate needed/annual membership fee needed to purchase the course
  • access control options
    • default access settings
    • customised access time to the course:
      • early access (minutes) compared to the beginning of the activity
      • late access (minutes) compared to the beginning/end of the activity

example: if by default the access to every course is allowed 15 minutes prior to its beginning, it will be possible to change the default value to allow access to the swimming course 30 minutes before the beginning, or for late-comers, 5 minutes after the beginning, or for parents who pick up children 5 minutes after the end of the activity, and so on 

  • card models: it is possible to select one or more card models (through the Add button) to make the course available for enrolment only to those users with a valid card model among those specified.

Statistic Details:

The course can linked with specific keywords that can be useful as filters for analysis purposes and reports. Example: 1) swimming course, 2) adult, 3) beginners. More info about statistic details here


  1. notes
  2. store the course (enrolments will not be deleted to keep records of them, but it will no longer be possible to sell the course to customers)
  3. tags: tags are useful to filter categories of courses, for example off-peak, pregnancy, new courses... more info about tags here
  4. minimum number of participants allowed (only for statistical purposes)

It is also possible to perform changes to more than one course at the same time:

  1. select the boxes of the courses to edit them (or click on the Select All button. Please note that in case the results are shown on more than one page, it will be necessary to select a higher value in the Show box on the right-hand side. In this way all the results will be on one page and the system can select them all. Otherwise only the results on the first page will be selected)

2. click on the Edit button


3. TICK THE BOX and edit the required details, then click on OK. 

List of details that can be massively changed:

  1. course name
  2. skills
  3. capacity
  4. instructor
  5. starting date and last day
  6. price and taxes
  7. E-Commerce settings and pre-emption period
  8. medical certificate/membership fee requirements
  9. customised access-control settings
  10. card model required for the course: if the enrolment on a course requires an affiliation to a sports association, it is possible to specify which card model is mandatory for the enrolment. This option prompts the system to automatically charge any fee linked with the required card model at the moment of the enrolment via E-Commerce
  11. statistic details
  12. notes
  13. store course
  14. tags
  15. min number of participants

When details regarding the scheduling of the course (such as area, time, duration, capacity, day, etc.) are edited, it will be necessary to click on this button to update the calendar:

To permanently delete courses click on the Delete button. Please note that this operation requires great care as once deleted, courses are not retrievable!!!