Courses can be planned from Planning - Courses - Course Planning. 

In order to plan the timetable of a course, the following characteristics must be specified:

  1. Season 
  2. Activity
  3. Sub-Seasons (select one, more than one or all. Example: some activities can be planned month by month, so you can start planning the first month only and continue with the planning at a later stage)
  4. Facility and Area
  5. Days and Time
  6. Capacity (maximum number of people allowed per class)
  7. Additional and Optional details: after specifying the main details, there are "More Options" available:
    1. skills (for more info about them click here)
    2. decide if a valid membership fee and/or medical certificate are required for the course 
    3. access control specifications: it is possible to specify how many minutes before the start of the class clients will be allowed access into the area where the course takes place. If early access is the same for all courses, please use the default settings (to know how to configure the default settings please refer to the Main Settings manual). Conversely, if the course that is being planned has different early-access rules compared to other courses, you can specify how many minutes before the start of the class people will be granted access into the area
    4. E-Commerce: make the course available for renewal or new purchase via the E-Commerce (see more about it here). These options should be selected only for didactic courses.

There are some "Secondary Options" that can be specified:

  • stored: the course will be unavailable in Front-Office windows but it will still be valid for people who have already enrolled
  • tax
  • minimum number of participants (only for statistical purposes)

In "Other Collocations" it is also possible to plan an additional activity that forms part of the main one (selected at the beginning) and that takes place soon after it or before it. Example: Main Activity SWIMMING takes place in the POOL. Ancillary activity WARMING UP takes place in the FITNESS AREA 15 minutes before going into the pool. This means that they are considered as a single activity that takes up two or more different areas. To add other collocations click on the Add button next to the duration field. 

The Add button below is to confirm the planning of the whole activity.

Please note that in the Course Summary it will be possible to edit the characteristics of individual courses or more than one. In that page it will also be possible to assign an instructor.

IMPORTANT: it will take at least 10 minutes to plan the classes of each course that has been created. For this reason we recommend to wait the necessary time to enrol people or book classes.