Numerators are important to number each document issued after a payment. To create a document numerator click on Settings - Document Numerators - Add Numerator

Every type of document has to be linked with a numerator. The same numeration can apply to various document types. 

You can manually reset to zero each numerator to start a new numeration (at the beginning of a new season or tax year for example).

Each numerator requires:

  • Name of the Numerator (e.g. Invoice, Receipt);
  • Format of the Numerator. It can include "Number" and "Sequence". These values will be replaced by the corresponding number of the numeration and the name of the sequence (for example the year the document was issued); 
  • Sequence name of the numerator, e.g.: 2016 (year).

To start a new numeration click on Edit 

and then Reset to Zero