Creation of a Numerator

Numerators are important to number each document issued after a payment. To create a document numerator click on Settings - Document Numerators - Add Numerator

Every type of document has to be linked with a numerator. The same numeration can apply to various document types or it is possible to create a numerator for each document template. To link a numerator with a document template, please click here.

Each numerator requires:

  • Name of the Numerator (e.g. Invoice, Receipt);
  • Format of the Numerator: it can include "Number" and "Sequence". These values will be replaced by the corresponding number of the numeration and the name of the sequence (for example the year the document was issued); Example of format: doc.1/2020
    1. type "doc."
    2. add the Number tag
    3. type "/"
    4. add the Sequence tag
  • Sequence name of the numerator: e.g.: 2020 (year).

Don't forget to Save Changes!

How to Edit a Numerator

To edit an existing numerator click on Edit 

editable fields:

  • name of the numerator
  • format of the numerator

don't forget to click on Save Changes. 

How to Start a New Numeration

In the same way you can also reset each numerator at the beginning of a new season 


or edit the name of the sequence and the last generated number

User Case

Fixed-length number

If the number for documents need have a fixed length, it will be necessary to edit the number tag in the box for the numerator format.
The tag is usually inserted with this code: {MT:NUMBER}
If for example the number must have a maximum of 6 digits, it will be necessary to type a number of 0 equal to the digits desired: {MT:NUMBER:000000}, resulting in 000001, 000002, etc.