To add a new tax ->Settings - Taxes - Add Tax

  • Code: code/name of the tax (visible during payment)
  • Description: notes about the tax
  • Percentage: % value of the tax for VAT management
  • Fixed Value: fixed value of the tax (for instance to manage expenses)

Taxes are very important and every tax can feature various options and settings to speed up payment procedures.

In order to do so you will need to click on Advanced Management

  • Code: name that will be visible during payment
  • Choose a tax from the list: choose the tax to be added to a group of taxes or set up the automatic print of a document whenever an item associated with the selected tax has been sold
  • Order of application of taxes: insert 1 for the tax that has priority over the others and the lowest number for the tax with lower priority over the others
  • Already included:  if the box is ticked, the tax selected will be considered already included in the price of the item the tax/tax group refers to
  • Select an item: document template that will be automatically printed when an item associated with the selected tax is sold:
    • standard: document associated with the tax that is issued after every payment at the reception
    • automatic: for automatic recurring payments (SEPA/Credit Card)
    • wallet: for payments with the E-wallet
    • credit note: for refunds
  • Distribution: percentage on the total price to be used as tax base for the selected tax. If in the tax group there is just one tax type 100%.
  • Fixed Variation of the Tax-Base: value to be added to the total price after the distribution to get the final amount. To deduct the value instead of adding it, just type a negative number.                                         

For the creation of Advanced Tax Groups we recommend you to contact Sportrick Support.