List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. substitutions
  3. attendance to class 

1. Introduction

Instructors can use the E-Commerce portal to:

  • independently manage substitutions: they can replace colleagues to avoid a class being cancelled, for example because a colleague is sick or is on holiday
  • mark attendance to class: after filtering courses, instructors can mark the attendance of people enrolled onto their courses

2. Substitutions

Through the Substitutions button in the Home Page of their E-Commerce account, instructors can access the window shown below:


Once the instructor to be replaced and the date have been selected, it will be necessary to click on SUBMIT to view the classes of that instructor on the selected day. 

After clicking on the REPLACE button, the system will ask for confirmation.

3. Attendance to Class

On the left-hand side of the screen there is a menu with the Instructor section. By clicking on it and then on Attendees, the instructor can access the window with the filters to select the desired classes.

After selecting the activity and the range of dates (a single day or more), it will be necessary to click on the Filter button to view the list of corresponding classes. 

Alternatively, through the red button, it will be possible to view the list of classes taking place on the current day.

The order in which classes are displayed on the list can be changed by clicking on the header of each column to rearrange results. The Search field can be also useful as additional filter (for example to filter by skills or by time).

Please note that the results only refer to the courses assigned to the instructor currently logged into the E-Commerce portal!

After clicking on Select next to the desired class, the list of attendees will appear.

To mark the attendance, the box corresponding to each attendee has to be ticked, otherwise the person will be considered absent to the class.

To save, simply click on the red button.