For the activation of a waiting list, please refer to this manual

List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. how it works
  3. how to manually re-activate bookings

1. Introduction

If an activity is fully booked and there are people on the waiting list, bookings can be automatically blocked for a certain time (Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Disabled). Within this timeframe, after a booking cancellation, bookings will only be available to those people on the waiting list, which will therefore enjoy priority over other customers.

Please note that this feature is OPTIONAL

2. How it Works

The conditions that automatically trigger the unavailability of E-Commerce bookings for those who are not on the waiting list are:

  1. a class is fully booked
  2. there are people on the waiting list for that class
  3. a previous booking has been cancelled via the E-Commerce and consequently there is still availability for the class

The booking windows in the Front Office will notify if web booking are disabled for a class

  1. Calendar
    • Class Icon: the figure suggests the number of available bookings for people on the waiting list 
    • Class Detail
  2. User's Profile:

2. How to Manually Re-Activate Bookings

It is possible to enable web bookings once again at any time by clicking on the buttons shown in the picture below (Calendar -> Class Detail). Please note that this operation is restricted to users with the necessary user rights.