To check Operators' Agenda click on Reports -> Back Office -> Check Agenda

Filters available:

  1. Operator
  2. Starting Date/Last Day

If you click on Update you will have a summary of the operator's agenda in the selected period:

You can edit or delete entries from the table. The details that can be edited are listed below:

  • operator (if the operator is a trainer you can also set him/her as main instructor for the course)
  • date
  • starting/end time

It is also possible to make changes massively. In this case select the required rows (or click on Select All) and click on Edit.

 The only details available for change are:

  •  operator 
  • set a person as the main instructor of a course 

Click on OK to save the changes.

If some entries in the table have a peach colour, it means there are some overlapping activities assigned to that operator (same day same time). Therefore you can either change the day, time or operator for that specific activity.