List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. user case 1: swimming course with warm-up exercises
  3. user case 2: triathlon
  4. add extra areas to an already-planned course
  5. advanced options: remuneration calculation

1. Introduction

SPORTRICK offers the possibility to plan a course in more than one area.

This manual describes two user cases that show how to correctly plan a course in multiple areas. 

2. User Case 1: Swimming Course with Warm-Up Exercises 

Example: the fourty-minute swimming course requires a fifteen-minute warm up in the fitness area.

Therefore, for the fitness room to be occupied by the swimming course, the planning of the activity must be split into 40 minutes in the swimming pool and 15 minutes in the additional area, which is the fitness area. 

Please find below an example of how to plan the described user case:

Please note that the white Add button is to plan additional areas, while the yellow Add buttonis to confirm the creation of the course.

3. User Case 2: Triathlon 

Example: the triathlon course is split into three activities that take place in different areas:

  • swimming pool
  • running track 
  • velodrome

Please find below an example of how to plan this user case:

4. Add Extra Areas to an Already-Planned Course

This operation can also be carried out after the course has been planned.

Click on Planning -> Courses -> Course Summary, filter by season and by activity and then click on Details (next to the course).

Click on Other Locations and apply the necessary filters. 

Please note that it will be necessary to edit each course individually.

5. Advanced Options: Remuneration Calculation

If a course takes place in multiple areas, it will be possible to configure it in order to calculate the exact time the instructor dedicates to the activity. 

This option is useful to correctly calculate the instructor's remuneration for their work. 

It will be necessary to assign an instructor to the course first, and then click on "Other Locations" (in the details of the course from the Course Summary). Specify:

  • facility
  • area
  • starting time
  • duration

and then tick the Plan-Instructor box. Click on Add to complete the configuration.

If on the contrary the box is not selected, the system will only calculate the time planned in the main area of the course, disregarding additional areas.

Please contact for more info about the portal dedicated to the calculation of instructors' remunerations.