List of topics

  1. introduction;
  2. creation;
  3. price and expiry date

1. Introduction

Please note that card models ARE NOT proximity cards for access control, they are used instead for affiliation to sports associations and federations for insurance purposes. This is a country specific feature of the software.

2. Creation

To add a new card model click on Settings -> Card Models -> Add Card Model and specify


  • name
  • numerator (if required for the automatic numeration of card models. Otherwise leave this field blank. It will be possible to manually insert a numeration during the assignation of the card to the customer). To see how to create a numerator please refer to the manual about numerators for card models.


Save the changes

Important: the button Delete will delete the card model but it can only be used if the card model hasn't been linked with another object within SPORTRICK (e.g. membership fee or user profile). Conversely, the card model can be stored (Edit -> Store). This means that it will no longer be available to use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes. The system will mark the card model with a padlock icon. It can be made available again at any time by unticking the stored option.

3. Price and expiry date

Please follow the below steps to configure an expiry date and price for a card model:

  1. expiry date only: an expiry date can be specified when assigning the card to the customer from the following section of the user profile: Info  -> Card Models
  2. price and expiry date: in order to assign a price and an expiry date, you should link a card model with a membership fee. After the membership fee has been sold, the system will automatically assign the card to the user's profile, that can be found in the following section: Info -> Card Models. More info about this procedure in the manual about the membership fee.