In the main page of the E-Commerce click on Shopping

Click on the activity to see the related items (multipacks/courses) on sale

  1. purchase a multipack: click on the multipack's name to proceed, it will be added to the basket straight away
  2. purchase a course
    • after selecting the corresponding activity click on the course you wish to purchase
    • select the sub-season 
    • select the starting time and end time of the course in the Filters window 
    • select the skills required for the course (if need as an additional filter)
    •  select the course/s: the box on the right provides a guidance about the correct selection of courses. Then click on Confirm to add the course/s to the shopping basket.

3. payment: after selecting a multipack or clicking on the Confirm button in the course-selection procedure, the system will automatically open up the shopping basket with a summary of the items ready for payment:

  • you can empty the basket by clicking on the red button

  • you can complete the purchase by clicking on PAY NOW  

Please note that the basket icon automatically updates with the number of items added. If after the selection of a course/multipack you wish to purchase other items, you can do so by clicking on Shopping.

You can then click on the basket icon at any time to open the basket and proceed with the payment.