In order to sell a course you will have to open the user's profile and click on Sale -> Course from Planning

As the title suggests, the courses available for sale in this section depend on the sale combinations planned in Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale.

There are six filters available to perform the search:

  • Mandatory:
    • Activity
    • Season
    • Sub-Season (the sub-season determines the duration of the course)
  • Optional:
    • Skills required for the course
    • Trainer
    • Tags

click on Find to display the search results. 

Once you have selected the course, the system will display the availability (number of people that can still enrol), the time and the days when the course takes place.

You will have to mark the desired courses and then click on Confirm.

Please remember that the day of sale will be the first day of validity of the course. In case the course has already started, in order to avoid overcharging the client as they have missed previous classes, it is possible to specify the desired beginning of validity before clicking on the Select button to confirm the sale. This is especially important in case the price of the course depends on the number of classes.

In case the attendance is required on multiple days of the week, in the summary provided, the cost will be evenly split between them.

Before confirming the sale, by clicking on Options it is possible to edit the final price, apply a promotion or change the start of the validity.

Click on the yellow button to Confirm the Sale or click on the arrow next to it to specify a seller. 

It is always possible to assign/change the seller after the payment from the main page of the user's profile (click anywhere on the row corresponding to the course, click on Detail, Accounting, Edit and then select the seller from the drop-down menu).  

The system can automatically notify the seller about the requirement of a valid membership fee/medical certificate during the sale of a course. Please find more info here.