A service is an activity that clients can book when they require, which makes it different from a class, which takes part at a specific time on a specific day.

Some examples of services: private classes, personal-trainer sessions, tennis-court hire, physiotherapy, massage, spa treatments, etc.

Creation of a service

To create a service click on Planning - Services - Services - Add

Details required for the creation of a service:


  • Service Name
  • Description: info about the service (optional)
  • Activity related to the service: to provide a colour to the booking of a service so that it can be distinguished from other services (see image below) it is necessary to select an activity (click here to see how to create an activity); it is always recommended to link an activity to make the most of Sportrick's potential

  • Capacity: maximum number of people that can enjoy the service at the same time;
  • Split the amount between all or some of the participants to the service. If the option is disabled, the person who booked the service will be charged the full cost. Please note that the system will always take into consideration the planned price of the service to calculate how to split the amount for each participant. If the operator changes the price of the service, the system will still consider the original price when splitting the amount.


  • Available for sale from
  • Available for sale until
  • Duration of the service
  • Anonymous sale: the service will be booked for an anonymous person (that is, without user's profile)


  • Price: price of the individual service. To sell a package of services please create a multipack (click here to see how) 
  • Tax (always recommended to make the most of Sportrick's potential. In case of tax exemption create a tax with value = 0. Click here to see how to create a tax) 


  • E-Commerce sale (please note that this option is not available at the moment):
    • sale: the user can purchase a new service
    • renewals: the user can renew a previously purchased service
  • E-Commerce name
  • E-Commerce description

Access Control:

  • Options
    • Medical Certificate Needed for the Booking of the Service
    • Annual Membership Fee Needed for the Booking of the Service
  • Access Control:
    • Use default Settings (to see how to edit them click here)
    • Specify access time: to customise access-control settings the available options are:
      • set early access minutes compared to the beginning of the service
      • set late access minutes compared to the beginning/end of the service

Statistic Details: key words that can be used as filters for services in reports and analysis. For further info please click here

Required resources for the service

After the creation of a service, in order to add the required resources (previously planned as explained here), click on the Detail button and then on Resources.

There are two ways to assign resources to a service:

  1. resource: select one or more areas/machines/persons, then click on Add. Please note that the resource will be confirmed only once it shows in the table. The resources selected will be mandatory for the service (unless marked as optional, see point 3 below). Example: private physiotherapy class with pilates reformer. The selection of two resources for the class means that both of them (the personal trainer and the equipment) are mandatory. In case of more personal trainers and equipment, please see point 2 below
  2. tag: to create a group of resources linked by a specific tag (more info about tags here) select the corresponding tag and then click on Add. During the service-booking procedure, it will be possible to select a resource according to availability/preference among those that share a common tag. Example: tag = Personal Trainer, resources linked with the tag: John, Paul, Mary -> when booking a private personal-trainer session the system will show the availability of all the resources with the Personal Trainer Tag, that is, John, Paul or Mary. Then the client can make their booking choice according to preference/availability. Without the tag, it would be necessary to select each single resource to check out what their availability is. At lest one of the resources of the group selected through the tag will be mandatory for the service (unless marked as optional, see point 3 below)

3. optional: by default, the resources that are added to a service are mandatory. For a resource to be optional, first select it and then tick the "optional" box before clicking on Add

4. notes: notes about the service

Additional services

Additional services must be planned beforehand. Click here to know more.

  1. additional services associated with a specific optional resource: in the Resources section it is possible to link an optional resource with an additional service:
    1. select the mandatory resource first
    2. click on Add
    3. select the optional resource
    4. tick the Optional box
    5. select the additional service
    6. click on Add

example: if the rental of the tennis court is 10£ and the rental of the court including a private lesson with an instructor is 22£, the tennis court will be the mandatory resource and the instructor will be the optional resource combined with "private class" as additional service. When this service is sold, the client will be offered the possibility to pay extra to enjoy the additional service (private lesson). 

  2. the additional service does not require a specific resource: click on Plus, pick the additional service and select whether it is mandatory or not, then click on Add 

  • mandatory: this service will be automatically added to the main service;
  • optional: this service can be added on top of the main service if required

To save the changes click on OK.