resource is something or somebody necessary to book services one-to-one or hire certain areas. 

To add a resource, click on Planning - Services - Resources - Add

  • Resource Type:
    • Area: room, space, area, machine or equipment corresponding to an area created previously in the planning (Planning -> Standard -> Facility -> Area)
    • Person: resource corresponding to a user profile (check out how to create a user profile)
  • Tagsthey must have been created previously in the Settings (click here to see how). Tags are useful to group resources by category or qualifications in order to make searches and service booking quicker (e.g. beautician, personal trainer, spa, tennis-court hire, private classes...) this is how tags work in the service dashboard of the Front-Office: once a service has been selected, the tags associated with that service and its resources will be automatically applied by the system so that the availability of the related resources will be displayed without having to select them one by one.
  • View the lanes separately during the booking: in case lanes are bookable for different services (e.g. private swimming classes), the selection of this option will enable the booking of each single lane instead of the whole area (swimming pool)

IMPORTANT: after adding a resource it is necessary to specify when the resource is available by clicking on the button Detail next to the name of the resource. Without availability the resource and the service won't be bookable. The following details are mandatory:

  • Days of the week when the resource is available
  • Start Date & End Date of the resource's availability
  • Beginning of Activity & End of Activity (time frame of availability)
  • Use Slot: tick the box if you wish to use time slots for booking
  • Time for reservations in minutes: duration of each slot

Slots are useful to optimise resources. For tennis court reservations you might specify an availability from 09AM to 10PM and slots of 45 minutes. This means that if a person books the tennis court at 09AM, the next available booking will be at 09:45AM, since the booking slot has a validity of 45 minutes. This option is useful to avoid a situation where at the end of a booking at 9:45AM the tennis court remains empty for 30 minutes and somebody books it at 10:15AM, wasting a possible reservation immediately after the first one.