ProShop items are anything that doesn't require a reservation, for example:

  • daily passes
  • supplements
  • merchandising
  • food a drinks

In order to add items you will have to click on Planning - ProShop - Items - Add

and specify:

  • Code: code or name of the item
  • Description: description of the item (optional)
  • Category: category the item belongs to (the category must have been previously created. To see how please click here)
  • Store: the button Delete will permanently remove the item after it has been created. If however the item has been sold, it won't be possible to delete it but it can be stored, so that it will no longer be available on sale but the sale records will be kept.


  • Price:
    • Sale Price
    • Tax (please note that in order to make the most of Sportrick's potential, it is always recommended to assign a tax. To create it, please refer to the manual)
  • Classification:
    • Brand: brand of the article previously created (optional). To see how, please click here 
    • Activity: activity associated with the item. It is recommended to always link an activity to make the most of Sportrick's potential. For the creation of the activity, please refer to the manual
  • Warehouse:
    • Barcode: barcode of the item (optional)
    • Stock: if you tick the box "Manage Stock" the system will check the availability of the stock for the item (optional)
    • Price: purchase price of the item (from the suppliers)
    • E-Commerce availability
    • Web description
  • Statistic Details: useful to filter items for reports and analysis. Please refer to the manual for more details.
  • More:
    • Tags: (optional) you can associate a tag to the item for statistics.  For the creation of tags please refer to the manual
    • Issue whitelist access: Issue a barcode to be printed on the receipt for a single access
    • Notes
    • Unit: e.g. litres, kilos, pounds, ounces, gallons...