To make the suspension process automatic, you can create different types of suspensions according to your requirements by clicking on Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Suspensions - Add and specify:

  • Code (name/code of the suspension)
  • Duration: validity of the suspension (days, weeks, months, years). It is possible to leave this field blank to allow an open duration that can be specified when applying the suspension.


  • Various: if you tick the box next to "Do you wish to add a Penalty for the suspension?" an additional fee will be applied. Once you have ticked the box a new button will be available for you to specify the amount to be charged for the suspension  
  • Web: E-Commerce availability

Suspension based on the solar month

if the corresponding option is activated, the minimum validity of the suspension will be the solar month. This means for example that this kind of suspension cannot be applied if a multipack expires in two weeks.

The following fields must be filled in:

  • Validity (number of months)
  • Reference Period:
    • Solar Year: the validity of the suspension is based on the solar year. This means that a multipack sold in November 2018 and expiring in March 2019 with the suspension value set to 1 will have two suspensions available: a solar-month suspension for 2018 and another one for 2019. 
    • Validity of the Multipack: the number of suspensions available is based on the multipack's validity. Therefore a multipack sold in November 2018 and expiring in March 2019 with the suspension value set to 1 will have just one suspension available.

Difference between Solar-Month Suspensions and Standard Suspensions

  • Solar-month suspensions have a minimum validity of one solar month. Once the available suspensions for the multipack have run out, it will not be possible to use that suspension type again for that multipack.
  • Standard suspensions can instead be applied repeatedly without limitations.

Important: the button Delete will delete the suspension but it can only be used if the suspension hasn't been activated for a client or added to a multipack. Conversely, the suspension can be stored (Detail -> Store). This means that it will no longer be in use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes.