List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. planning
  3. how to apply a suspension
  4. how to delete/store the suspension 

1. Introduction

The creation of different suspension types can be useful to configure pre-planned periods during which a customer's multipack can be frozen and consequently its validity will be prolonged by a number of days corresponding to the lenght of the suspension. Example: if a multipack is frozen for 30 days, it means that the last day of validity will be postponed by a month.

2. Planning

To create different types of suspensions click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Multipack Suspensions -> Add and specify:

  • code: (name/code of the suspension). Example: one month, covid lockdown... 
  • duration: validity of the suspension (days, weeks, months, years). It is possible to leave this field blank to allow more freedom when it comes to determine the length of the period during which the multipack's validity will be frozen
  • do you wish to add a penalty for the suspension?: if this option is enabled, an additional fee will be applied to freeze the multipack's validity. After ticking the box, a new section will be available to specify:
    • the amount to be charged for the suspension
    • the tax to apply    
  • web: if the option is enabled (tick the sale box), customers will be allowed to freeze their multipack/s via the E-Commerce. Options:
    • web name: the name provided to the suspension type during planning can be different from the one visible on the E-Commerce
    • web description: additional info for customers (to help them understand what the activation of a specific suspension will involve)

Suspension based on the solar month

If the corresponding option is activated, the minimum validity of the suspension will be the solar month. This means for example that this kind of suspension cannot be applied if a multipack expires in two weeks.

To configure this option, the following fields must be filled in:

  • validity (maxiumum number of months). For example, if the value is 2, it will be possible to:
    1. freeze the multipack for a period of 2 consecutive months e.g. gym passes valid for three months starting from January and frozen both in February and March, meaning the customer will be able to use them again in April and May
    2. freeze the multipack for individual periods of a month each e.g. gym passes valid for six months, starting from January and frozen in February and then again in May, meaning the customer will be able to use them in July and August as well
  • reference period:
    • solar year: the validity of the suspension is based on the solar year. Therefore if the validity of the suspension is 1 month, a multipack valid from September to February can be frozen twice: one solar month in the period between October and December and another solar month, either in January or February 
    • validity of the multipack: in this case, the validity of the suspension is based on the duration of the multipack. This means that if the validity of the suspension is 1 month, a multipack valid from September to February can be just once (a month of choice). 

Difference between Solar-Month Suspensions and Standard Suspensions

  • Solar-month suspensions have a minimum validity of one solar month. Once all the available suspensions have been applied to freeze the multipack, it won't be possible to freeze it for further months
  • standard suspensions can instead be applied repeatedly. Therefore if a suspension enables to freeze the multipack for 2 weeks, after it has been frozen it will still be possible to freeze it again for another two weeks and so on.

3. How to Freeze a Multipack

Once the suspension types have been planned, they will appear in a drop-down list in the corresponding section of the details of the sold multipack (in the customer's profile). It is possible to limit the choice of suspension type according to the type of multipack. To do so, it will be necessary to click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Details (next to the multipack's name) -> Suspensions -> Add and select one or more suspension types that are allowed for that specific multipack.

Please note that to allow customers to freeze their membership from the E-Commerce it will be necessary for the multipack to be linked with one or more specific suspension types.

4. How to Delete/Store the Suspension

To permanently delete a suspension type after it has been created, click on the Delete button. If however it has been already used to freeze a multipack, it can only be stored  (Detail -> Store), so that it won't be possible to use it again but previous records will be kept. A padlock icon will help differentiate stored suspension types from the active ones. The system automatically stores a suspension type should an operator try to delete it when it was already used to freeze a multipack. Once stored, an icon with a padlock will appear next to it. It is always possible to make it available again by unticking the stored option.