• General
    • Default Early Access*. Default access time (minutes) into the area before the beginning of the activity. It is mainly used for locker rooms. Please note that this value will be valid for all activities unless differently specified in their details.
    • Default Late Time Access.* Default time (in minutes) after the beginning/end of the activity during which access is still allowed. Please note that it is generally valid unless differently specified in the details of each activity.
    • Double Access Time. Inhibition time (in seconds) to prevent a double access with the same card. Example: if a client scans the same card during the given time, the system will block the access. The access attempt will be recorded as "double access". 
    • Expired Medical Certificate. When enabled, people taking part into an activity that requires a valid medical certificate will be denied access if their medical certificate is missing or expired.
    • No Access if Payment is Required. If enabled, the system will not grant access to customers with overdue payments.
    • Expired Membership Fee. If enabled, customers whose membership fee has expired will not be granted access.
    • RFID Reader Type: type of reader for RFID card

*for more details, please click here

  • White List
    • Activate White List. The white list can be managed with barcodes as an alternative to Sportrick's standard access control.
    • Numbers Only. If selected, the barcode will be made up of numbers only (mandatory for barcodes printed with an Epson printer). Alternatively, untick this option to have barcodes with both numbers and letters. 
    • Company Code. These three chars are mandatory. This will prevent mixing the number on the card with the barcode. If you use a "Number-Only Code" these chars need to be numbers.
    • Barcode Expiry Date. Define the validity of your barcode. Please note that barcode validity is checked during access rather than exit. Therefore if the validity is 1 hour, the person can get in and out scanning the same barcode for a maximum of 1 hour before the barcode expires and is no longer valid for access.
    • Manage Barcode. Click on the button to open the barcode-management window for the white list (see picture below. For more info about barcode creation click here)


  • Default Document Template. This document template will be suggested by default during payment procedures via Front-Office.
  • ProShop Default Document Template. This document template will be suggested by default during payment procedures via ProShop.

To select a default document, you will have to create the document template in Settings -> Document Templates. Click here to see how.


  • Email Sender. Default sender for automatic emails sent to customers as reminders or notifications.
  • SMS Sender. Default sender for text messages sent as reminders or notifications. Max characters: 11.


  • Booking Availability. Only classes within this time frame can be booked by customers. The starting date is always the current day. The last day is calculated according to the number of days specified.
  • Notice Required to Cancel Bookings. Minutes, hours, days or weeks of advanced notice to cancel bookings (customers can get a refund corresponding to the class price or recover the access deducted from their pass).
  • Booking disabled (in minutes). Number of minutes following a booking cancellation when reservations are unavailable for all those users who are not on the waiting list. Please note that the booking cancellation must be done via the E-Commerce for the automatic block of reservations to be triggered.
  • Default Document Template. Document template that will be issued after a purchase via the E-Commerce. 


  • Host Address. These parameters can be used to print documents and receipts from tablets.
  • Printer Time out. If you experience slow connection you will have to set a higher value.


  • Default outcome for CRM tasks
  • Default outcome for CRM notes

CRM outcomes can be created from Settings -> CRM Outcomes. Click here for more details.