User-profile details:

On the left:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • status
    • active
    • potential
    • former client
  • edit button (see Creation of a User's Profile for more details)
  • profile ID
  • consultant
  • Card/Badge ID 
  • email

On the right:

In the middle:

  • purchased
  • appointments/entries
  • info
  • timeline

1) Purchased:

  • Main: in this section there is a summary of all the subscriptions and passes purchased by the user. The clock icon opens the window for the booking of classes. To see the info about the subscription, you can click on the corresponding row:
    • Summary: the summary of the subscription provides details about the remaining and consumed credit (in the example below the value is 0 as this subscription provides unlimited access within the period of validity), the starting and end date of validity and the price list. If you click on "Sold Items" a list of the items included in the multipack is provided.
    • Classes: the system provides a summary of the classes included in the multipack with a green tick for presence and a red cross for absence
    • Notes
    • Suspensions
    • Accounting: the system provides the details about the purchase. If you click on Edit you can change the price, date and Seller.

                    On the left you can find a list of buttons: 

                    - General:

                                    - Booking: class booking

                                    - Renewal: renew the multipack

                                    - Freeze: Suspend the multipack

                        - Actions:

                                        - Refund: refund the amount paid for the multipack

                                        - Substitution: change the holder of the multipack

                                        - Delete: delete the multipack


  • Services: here you can find a list of all the services purchased. If you click on Reschedule it will be possible to change the date and time of the service, if you click on Info you can check the details of the service, delete it or refund it.
                                                      the service has been booked but it has not been paid yet
                                                     the service has been paid but it has not been booked yet
                                                     the service has already been enjoyed or it has expired

  • ProShop: here you can find a list of all the items purchased by the user via ProShop.
  • Coupon: here you can find a list of the user's coupons and add new ones.
  • Quotes: here you can find a list of the quotes provided to the user.

2) Appointments/Entries

  • Appointments: a printable list of all the user's bookings is provided. It is also possible to filter them by date.

  • Entries: access records
  • Remaining Entries
  • Waiting List: list of classes that cannot be currently booked but since the user is on the waiting list, booking will be available as soon as other users cancel their booking. 

3) Info:

  • Family Group: it is possible to add the user to a family group (for discounts and promotions)
  • Skills: it is possible to add users' skills for them to join the club's activities and courses
  • Medical Certificate: it is possible to add a medical certificate for users to join the club's activities that require it.
  • Cards: it is possible to assign a card to the user
  • Referral: it is possible to add new or potential customers referred by the user

4) Timeline