User-profile details:

On the left:

  • name and surname
  • picture (click on the icon to add a profile picture)
  • status (automatically assigned by the system)
    • active: the client has an active subscription
    • potential: the client hasn't purchased anything so far
    • former customer: after 7 days from the expiry of a valid subscription the system will automatically change the active status into former customer, meaning there is no valid multipack/enrolment. If the customer purchases a new subscription/renews the old subscription, the status will become active again
  • edit button (see Creation of a User's Profile for more details)
  • profile ID: progressive number assigned automatically to the user's profile
  • consultant: person responsible for the client
  • date of birth
  • email
  • badge ID: code on the proximity card

On the right:

  • General: useful info about the customer's activity

  • Shortcuts: quick buttons 

Assign card: click on the button and scan the proximity card that will be assigned to the user to access the facility. Then click on Save Changes. The card details will be available in the user's profile (Info - Card)

Assign IBAN: click on the button and insert the details required in picture #1

Automatic-Renewal Cancellation: click on the button and select the multipack, see picture #2 

Rescission: click on the button and select the multipack and rescission date, see picture #3

Open the E-Commerce profile of the user

Change Email: shortcut to replace the user's email with a new one

Add CRM Note to the user's profile

  1. SDD-Payment Details
  2. Automatic-Renewal Cancellation: through the shortcut it is possible to cancel the automatic renewal of a multipack and the corresponding future instalments:
    • select the corresponding task (previously created in the Settings). The cancellation date is set on the current date
    • select the multipack/s 
    • click on forward
    • click on YES to confirm the cancellation
  3. Rescission: through the shortcut it is possible to rescind a multipack:
    • select the corresponding task (previously created in the Settings)
    • select the rescission date 
    • select the multipack/s 
    • click on forward
    • click on YES to confirm the rescission

In the middle:

  1. purchased
  2. activities/access records
  3. info
  4. timeline

1) purchased:

  • main: in this section there is a summary of all the subscriptions and passes purchased by the user                                                            
the item is active
the item is active but it hasn't been paid
the item has expired
the item has expired and it hasn't been paid
the item has been refunded
the item has been suspended

the clock icon opens the window for class booking (only for multipacks). To know more about class booking please click here

To see all the info about the item, click anywhere on the corresponding row. For more details please click here

  • services: list of all the services that have been purchased/booked. If you click on Reschedule it will be possible to change the date and time of the service

service not paid
paid service
expired service
expired service with pending payment
refunded service

Through the Info button it is possible to check the service details and access further options:

  1. cancel the reservation for the service
  2.  refund the amount paid for the service (see Refunds for more info)
  3.   Accounting: click on Edit to change some accounting details 

  • proshop: here you can find a list of all the items purchased by the user via ProShop, wallet top-ups and purchased gift coupons. Click on the Info button to check the item's details, change accounting details (see picture above) and proceed with a refund

  • coupon: here you can find a list of the user's coupons and add new ones. Too see how coupons work, please click -> here  

The status of coupons can either be: 

new: the coupon has not been used yet

redeemed: the coupon has been selected to apply a discount to the final payment

paid: the coupon has been used to apply a discount to the final amount and the payment has been completed. If the coupon has a percent value, the amount that has been discounted during the payment will appear under the corresponding column (see picture below)

expired: the coupon is past its validity 

Through the Info button of coupons that have not yet been redeemed, the following info can be edited:

  • Coupon Name 
  • Original Value of the Coupon 
  • Tax 
  • Beginning of Validity 
  • End of Validity 
  • Notes 
  • it is also possible to give the coupon for free to another user or delete it
  • quotes: here you can find a list of the quotes provided to the user. To see how to manage quotes click on -> quotes 

2) activities/access records

  • agenda: printable list of all the classes the user has booked (or classes of the course/s the user has enrolled onto). It is also possible to filter them by date and change/delete future bookings.

booking of a class
scheduled class of a course 
booking of a service

  • access records: list of all the user's access records (they can be filtered by date). Please note that the user's access records are shown in the access list the day after, as data are processed during the night. It is still possible to check the user's access records in the Access Control panel (see picture) where they can be filtered by user
  • remaining passes: list of the user's remaining passes
  • waiting list: the table shows which classes/courses the user is on the waiting list for, in case another customer decides to withdraw/cancel their booking. To know how to add a customer to a waiting list click here: Waiting List for Courses - Waiting List for a Class

3) info:

  • family group: it is possible to add the user to a group (for discounts and promotions)
  • skills: it is possible to add/delete users' skills 
  • medical certificate: it is possible to add/edit/delete a medical certificate (if it is required for users to join the club's activities)
  • card models: it is possible to assign a card to the user or edit/delete it (e.g. club/sport-association registration) 
  • card: proximity card assigned to the user for access-control purposes. It can be deleted or disabled so that it can be re-assigned to another user.
  • referral: it is possible to add new or potential customers referred by the user
  • SDD info: details about payments via Sepa Direct Debit: 

click on Detail to see: 
1) details of the customer's account for SDD payments 
2) related SDD payments linked to the account

click on the arrow to show more options:

  • freeze: the account details for SDD payments will be suspended but they can be enabled for SDD payments again (if necessary); 
  • delete: once deleted, new details must be provided for SDD payments;
  • set as default -> the default account for SDD payments is marked with the green icon. You can change the default account for SDD payments by clicking on Set as Default (on the corresponding row).

  • automatic payments
  • biometric data

4) timeline: info about the user's activity in the previous 7 days and in the next 7 days