CRM Outcomes are necessary to make the most of Sportrick's CRM.

To add or edit task-related outcomes, click on Settings - CRM Outcomes - Add/Edit and specify:

  • Name
  • Status: it defines the status of the outcome of the CRM task. You can choose between Done and Cancelled
  • Outcome Type: you can define the outcome as Positive, Negative or leave it as Unknown

There are two standard outcomes available (they cannot be edited):

  • Email read: status automatically assigned to the notification alerting that a client has just opened an email 
  • Scheduled: status automatically assigned to every CRM task

Important: the button Delete will delete the outcome but it can only be used if the outcome hasn't been linked with a CRM task yet. Conversely, the outcome can be stored (Edit -> Stored). This means that it will no longer be in use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes.